Our family moved to New Zealand several years ago and we’re in the end equipped (financially and mentally) to buy our first domestic. We have a chum who is a real property agent in another town and that they were giving us advice. Through them we’re getting to know a lot about the buying procedure, because it’s very distinct to our u . S . A . Of starting place. The thing that we’re locating pretty difficult is that there’s such an expansion of belongings kinds to pick from and we don’t know what we should worry approximately and what is considered “everyday’ by Kiwis. We feel like we’ll by no means be capable of capture up on the learned experience that different humans have. Where can we start?


The difficult element about buying a home is that many people “don’t know what they don’t know”. If you’re a first-home consumer, or it is been a long term since you have been final in the assets market, or you have in no way bought a domestic in New Zealand earlier than, it’s likely that you may not have any idea what to look out for.

As you will have determined, the whole lot can sense hard in a new country. Navigating the assets market is not any specific. We inspire all of us to construct a support group while they’re making ready to buy a property so they’re ready once they locate an area they prefer.

Family and buddies can be an excellent source of facts and assist, but you need some professionals for your side, too. Find a legal professional or conveyancer earlier than you begin looking at properties and make sure you get their advice earlier than you signal some thing. At the Real Estate Authority (REA), we additionally endorse you rent a qualified property inspector to check a assets before you are making an offer.

It’s no longer sudden that you are feeling crushed via desire, due to the fact the New Zealand assets marketplace has the entirety from 100-12 months-vintage wood villas to fashionable townhouses (and a honest few exclusive housing types in between). You can also purchase a brand new assets off a plan or buy an empty section and build your private home.

To narrow down the quest, suppose cautiously about what you want – and what you are prepared to spend in time in addition to money. A property with a massive garden may look attractive, however it will quickly become a drag in case you’re now not eager on mowing lawns and pulling weeds. Similarly, a quaint old character villa will quickly lose its charms if it’s far still in original situation and you’re used to dwelling in places which can be absolutely insulated and double-glazed.

Every belongings you will see will come with a specific set of things to think about, which can be hard in case you’re used to a belongings market wherein all of the homes are extra or much less the same.

To make that choice making a bit less difficult, the REA has evolved a brand new, interactive on line device known as Property Checker that lives on settled.Govt.Nz. Property Checker, just like the call suggests, facilitates customers perceive ability troubles with a belongings. It’s easy to apply – all you want to do is answer a hard and fast of questions about a property which you’re inquisitive about.

For instance, in case you’ve gone to an open domestic and idea, “this will be the area for us”, you may go through the inquiries to find out what studies you must be doing.

You would possibly like the appearance of a belongings that was built within the early 2000s and has monolithic cladding – placing those information into Property Checker will flag up things you need to ask about, together with the home’s weathertightness and structural integrity. It may even factor out feasible assets dangers, consisting of earthquakes, flooding, coastal erosion or volcanic eruption, and provide an explanation for how the exclusive forms of possession can have an impact on you.

None of this is designed to put you off the assets, but to illuminate the things which you might not have thought approximately.

Think of Property Checker as a important buddy that honestly and objectively gives you their opinion. It may not have all the records you need – recall, too, that buying a house entails other costs like paying quotes to the neighborhood council, getting insurance and preserving cash apart for renovation and repairs – but it is a extraordinary region to start.

The final selection is as much as you, however the greater statistics you gather within the procedure, the more confident you can be that you’ve made the right choice. Happy house-looking!

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