It is a market we all suppose we recognize something about. But frequently our expertise is based totally on nothing more significant than having sold a house for our use or having rented industrial assets. In Cyprus, as in maximum EU nations, the price of property has grown regularly, if step by step, through the years and apartment earning have accelerated as a result. That makes belongings a sound investment; however no longer necessarily a notable one in terms of yield. Moreover, a examine the graph will display that the regular rise of assets values is interrupted every few years with the aid of sharp declines. In time, the market continually recovers; however, a brief-time period investor with limited finances can be badly caught out. It is a hard market to interpret. Just how difficult turned into added domestic to me by two views of Cyprus property I read currently. The market right here has been developing impressively. According to the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index, issued in June last 12 months, the average charge of residences multiplied by way of 7.6 according to cent, houses by means of 4.Eight in keeping with cent, places of work by way of 11.6 in line with cent, warehouses via 4.2 in step with cent and retail premises by means of 1.7 per cent. Except retail, all had been beforehand of GDP which grew by using round four in step with cent last yr.


This made an investment in genuine estate in Cyprus “profitable for overseas and neighborhood traders for all kinds of belongings,” according to George Coucounis, a legal professional specializing in property law. He told readers of the Cyprus Mail that closing yr “became one of the nice in latest years concerning property sales and investments, focusing at the traveler industry, selected investments for the acquisition of a Cyprus passport, the sale of used homes and apartments in urban and nearby regions.” But a number of those very factors are what issues the distinguished economist Christopher Pissarides. He fears they might be inflating a belongings bubble, in particular, the citizenship-by way of investment programme. “The belongings market in Cyprus is developing at a price that’s out of sync with the fundamentals of the financial system at massive, such as GDP, call for and demographics,” he informed the Cyprus Mail. Pissarides fears that the upsurge in the call for the property is being pushed through artificial factors. The 2010 Noble Laureate, who’s now based totally in London, argued that traders are not trying to collect Cypriot citizenship an excellent way to stay and paintings on the island.

“What they’re after is a European passport,” he said. “I’m in London now, and I stumble upon individuals who inform me they stay inside the UK however have a Cypriot passport. When I ask them how they got the passport, they are saying ‘Oh, I offered a residence in Limassol.’ This entire commercial enterprise rings a bell in my memory of the sham marriages scheme.” Coucounis claims there has been exchanging of mindset and those are investing prudently in real property through their very own price range as opposed to through loans. This, he says, “creates a wholesome and managed assets market adding the fee to homes and heading off the monetary bubble of the beyond.” Pissarides says: “It seems like we may be developing another bubble in the property region.” Only time will inform who is right. But the differing forecasts affirm my view that the assets market should be dealt with care. It is one issue to shop for assets on your personal use and wish it will increase in cost. It is quite every other matter if you are investing with the motive of safeguarding or developing your wealth. That is significantly achieved thru a managed, based scheme that does not put all its eggs in a single basket. The Woodbrook Group gives complete financial planning and funding consultancy services. We start by way of gaining knowledge of about every client’s economic function and in which they would like to be within the future. Once we recognize your objectives, we observe all the alternatives available. ‘As secure as houses’ became a phrase that once denoted general security. We can show you options that do not rely on homes – and they may be all of the more secure for that.

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