A garden mower is a necessity to preserve a wonderfully manicured garden. Large yards and small yards require special forms of gadget to keep them in tiptop shape, so deciding on a lawn mower in large part calls for assessing your out of doors area. But past yard size, there are different info you need to element in whilst buying a lawn mower. Ask yourself these questions before you head to the shop.

How big is my garden?
While you don’t want to know the precise square footage, knowing your approximate backyard size can help you in the course of the selection manner.

“A push mower is the proper fit for the ones smaller city lawns up to one-0.33 of an acre, however in case your lawn is towards a 1/2-acre, you could want to don’t forget a self-propelled walk mower to make the paintings a piece less difficult for you,” says George Reister, regional product supervisor for wheeled products at Husqvarna North America.

“Anything above that length, you likely want to don’t forget a riding mower [tractor] or even a zero-flip mower for the surely huge pieces of land.”


Is my backyard flat or sloped?
No rely the form of mower you pick, homeowners with sloped lawns will want a little greater electricity to get the machine up and over the valleys and peaks in the yard. Reister says to opt for a self-propelled mower with rear-wheel force or all-wheel force to help you navigate the ones hills. And if you have numerous limitations, trees, and flower beds, he’s in want of zero-turn mowers.

“This technology creates a clean and specific steerage revel in, making it easy to go with the flow around limitations and make 0-radius turns,” says Brad Unruh, director of new product development for Hustler Turf Equipment.

Gas-powered or electric?
Gas-powered mowers continue to be the maximum famous type of garden mower, so that you’ll locate the widest selection of mowers in this category. However, there are also a few very powerful electric powered mowers which might be quieter than gas-powered machines. So how do you pick out among those varieties of mowers?

“Consider the run time, property size, and the mowing situations when determining if a traditional fuel-powered mower or if one of the more recent electric powered models better suits your wishes,” says Unruh.

For example, if your yard is more than one acres, the battery would possibly want to be recharged earlier than you finish. In addition to size, grass type and duration could also decide the drain to your battery.

“If you have got a smaller belongings and are OK with having to mow greater often, a battery-powered mower may want to suit you,” Unruh says.

Here’s some thing else to keep in mind: While gasoline-powered mowers are commonly inexpensive when it comes to the initial investment, Reister warns that you also ought to component in the fee of gas, oil, and upkeep over the life of the mower.

Electric mowers may have a better value upfront, however they are “a splendid choice if you’re seeking out some thing as a way to require much less maintenance,” Reister says.

How a whole lot have to I spend?
Buying a lawn mower, like several massive domestic equipment, is a huge (examine: costly) selection.

“You’ll want something that may resist the take a look at of time and is backed through guarantee,” Unruh says. The better the horsepower and bigger the engine, the faster the mower will reduce your grass. But those machines will also be more steeply-priced. So how much cash should you finances for?

Anything upward of $400 is taken into consideration a top class mower, in step with Consumer Reports. A fuel mower on this rate range may have a premium engine that will start extra reliably and ultimate longer. At this charge variety, you will also see the widest selection of electric mowers.

Most mowers fall in the $250 to $399 range, with a majority of them being gas-powered. The usual performance and ease of use won’t be as excessive as the mowers in the top class tier, however you’re still sure to discover a few genuinely strong options.

If you are leaning toward extra finances-friendly alternatives, you’ll possibly be spending around $2 hundred to $249. Most garden mowers in this tier will include cringe and auto choke (so that you can pull to start), mulching skills, and a bagger. However, the performance of maximum midpriced models will be average.

As for garden mowers priced underneath $two hundred, maximum specialists would urge you to skip on buying some thing this cheaper. While you may locate mowers accessible at this fee, their overall performance and ease of use are probable to be mediocre. Plus, a number of those models have character bolts that have to be manually removed to change the deck peak.

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