QUESTION: We are interested by relocating the laundry room to the second one story of our house, this means that transferring the plumbing line into the attic. My reason for doing that is that I need more area for the laundry vicinity. It’s now in a closet, but there’s room for it upstairs. Then I could also flip the vintage laundry room right into a pantry. Is that a horrific plan?

ANSWER: Your idea can work if you are inclined to surrender getting cold water from your faucets in the course of the summer. When the plumbing traces run through a hot attic, you will get handiest warm water out of the cold taps.

Q: I need to have a water softener hooked up in my residence, however I’ve been advised my home wasn’t plumbed for that and it might cost me $2,000 to get it finished. It might be carried out greater affordably if I purchase one of these opportunity water remedy structures in place of a traditional water softener. Would one of these other strategies work?


A: A conventional water softener is the only way to melt your water. Any organisation that tells you they can soften your water with magnetism or electricity will now not be capable of try this. Probably you have to go out and get a 2nd bid on installing a water softener loop in your private home, just to ensure you’re getting aggressive pricing.

Q: I am constructing a new home with western exposure and I need to plant from three to five small to medium trees that could provide a few shade in summer.

A: Think approximately planting a deciduous tree that loses its leaves in wintry weather in order that your yard may get more solar whilst the climate is colder. A Chinese elm tree will do nicely in our climate. Hybrid mesquites are also a good desire.

Q: I have a five-yr-old lemon tree that has stopped generating fruit. I got five lemons ultimate 12 months and I had 3 blossoms this year. Should I take it out?

A: It sounds as though the tree is languishing in its contemporary vicinity. Perhaps you ought to cut your losses and put in a brand new tree. It’s possible that the antique tree became planted too deeply or perhaps it have been left within the box too long before you planted it. If you do plan to take the tree out yourself, you need to make certain to do it thoroughly. There are lots of first-rate corporations who have the proper system for doing the process.

Q: I actually have planted desert willow timber over the past two years, but they haven’t finished very well. They have some thing growing on them that looks as if mistletoe, however it isn’t always mistletoe. The leaves are searching misshapen and stunted. What’s wrong with them?

A: It may be what is called a fasciation, odd boom that produces ribbon-like, crested or contorted tissue. It’s a reasonably not unusual developing state of affairs this is also visible on cactuses, just like the “crested” saguaro.

Some humans like to gather vegetation with those unusual conditions. It may be due to genetic fabric or with the aid of bacteria. If you propose to hold the flora, make certain to provide them some extra watering.

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