A WOMAN with dementia changed into almost conned out of spending £5,000 on a roof she did not need via rogue traders. The Confederation of Roofing Contractors, based totally in Brightlingsea, is an alternate affiliation for roofers providing a free recommendation to the general public. The s,taff there have had numerous calls concerning doorstep stress selling in Mersea Road, Colchester. On March 4 an aged girl in her 80s become spoken to by a man who attempted to tell her she wanted a brand new roof. Thankfully the confederation changed into notified in time. Gemma Doherty, media manager on the confederation, stated: “We consider those buyers travel throughout the United Kingdom targeting elderly, inclined human beings and then transferring on so that they cannot anticipate any repercussions. “We have had an elderly female with dementia based in Colchester pressure bought into paying £five,000 for a roof she didn’t need. Luckily we have been advised right away and it was stopped earlier than the transaction may want to go through. “The same woman then had another roof craftsman come to her house the day after.


Luckily her carer becomes in and become privy to the situation, and the person became asked to leave.” She brought: “There appears to be a real spate of this occurring in the interim, thankfully the humans who have contacted us have no longer had to pay, but we pay attention of things like this each day. “We would like to release a campaign to prevent this.” Gemma introduced: “We would propose for them now not to do any business with roofers who knock on doors. “If someone is attempting to position stress on you to buy something then constantly say no, even supposing it’s far something you need to be carried out, give it some idea. “An authentic roofing enterprise will constantly be there to name in case you want them. “The police need only to be contacted if a person is being intimidated or threatened or if an organisation is trespassing on your house without your permission. “Door selling isn’t illegal, and people will use this to pressure promote.” For more information call 01206 306600.

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