Japanese design studio Hamanishi Design creates beautiful, contemporary domestic decor using experimental strategies. Their Burning Metal Project is an interesting series that makes use of the chemical reaction created through burning titanium alloy to provide a fixed a graceful, colourful layout pieces. These iridescent showpieces are sophisticated while bringing a hint of whimsy into the home.

Hamanishi Design has created a fixed of lamps, aspect tables, and vases that have a wonderful appearance and feel. By harnessing the colours of natural titanium oxide, they’re discovered a manner to introduce a permanent color to the steel with out adding any greater substances. With this simple, effective method, the opportunities are limitless.


The Pillar ground lamp seems to convert its color as one looks in the direction of the heat source. The long, skinny stand is the highlight of the piece, transferring from natural titanium to blue and preserving a minimal silhouette that places the colour change at the forefront. Similarly, the Flame pendant lamp bursts with color precisely wherein the bulb is located, giving the phantasm that the coloration exchange is because of this warmth supply. The fashionable striations of shade mixture seamlessly, like gentle layers of watercolors laid over the metal.

This look contrasts with Hamanishi’s Graffito vases, which use a virtual technique to initiate the titanium oxide response in precise patterns. This exciting approach of burning metal is proprietary to the studio, which evolved a digital system to execute the patterns. The result is straightforward, effective tableware that is positive to be a communication piece.

To round out the gathering, TIG is a small, cylindrical facet table that makes effective use of the burnt steel to create a shade explosion that appears to leak from the middle of the table outwards. The warm, subtle glow emanating from the table is both a nod to welding as well as an effective way to introduce shade. “In order to significantly add the story of the producing procedure into the product, we carried out the gradation design to show the heat transmission from the inner shelf,” the company explains.

Hamanishi Design has created a group of domestic furniture that take advantage of the chemical reaction of burnt metallic.

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