“A lot of people’s long gone and come and I’m nevertheless here … But I find it irresistible,” Torrez stated.

Over the years, it’s gotten harder and tougher for Torrez to attend to her domestic.

“My roof was leaking, I was getting water in the residence … When my grand-youngsters come over they stated grandma you better put out any other pan,” she said.

Better than a pan, is project home tasks, a local nonprofit.

“I would in no way get it finished,” she stated. It might in all likelihood fall apart.

Instead, for no cost, Torrez has a new roof and changed lavatory.

“Our wish is that they stay of their home,” Project Houseworks Sara Zivny stated.


Project Houseworks is getting extra muscle via teaming with Brush up Nebraska. It’s a network-based volunteer software that paints homes for seniors.

For the past thirty years volunteers with the institution have painted almost 3,000 homes.

Founders, Tom, and Sheila Pettigrew say they want at least 1, four hundred volunteers for paint day. The reward?

“I imply you cross via and your appearance and the teams, [and] I suppose it is one thing that makes the volunteers sense so properly is on the cease of the day, they have got this lovely new searching house.” Sheila Pettigrew stated.

This year can be bittersweet for the couple, it’s Brush Up’s thirtieth Anniversary and the Pettigrews are retiring.

“It has in no way been a chore, we’ve gotten via 30 years and perhaps we’re attending to the point in which it’s a touch extra difficult for us, however … We have been thru everything so there is not anything that surprises us,” Tom Pettigrew said.

And now, with Project Houseworks and Brush Up Nebraska merging, greater low-income seniors can get the assistance they need.

Torrez loves the enhancements to this point and is keen for August while her house gets a new coat.

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