The embassy has released a survey asking British human beings to share information in their residency repute and achievement, or in any other case, in acquiring a carte de séjour (residency card) and additionally a French using licence.

British Ambassador Ed Llewellyn stated: “We want to ensure we’ve the first-class viable know-how of the British network dwelling in France in order that we will preserve to proportion worries with the French government, and additionally to target our records updates and map our future outreach meetings.”

The situation regarding cartes de séjour for British human beings living in France stays uncertain, with a few préfectures granting residency cards, but others refusing considering that they will should system the office work once more after Brexit so there is no factor.


In areas where lots of British human beings live, local authorities have also suggested being swamped by way of the sheer range of packages they’ve acquired.

When The Local requested the British Embassy if it could clarify what human beings living in France should do, we were informed it became “an individual selection”.

An embassy spokesman stated: “Before the UK leaves the EU, you could nevertheless practice for a European carte de séjour at your nearby préfecture below the modern-day gadget, although it isn’t always obligatory.

“However, if you have now not but had your appointment by the day the UK leaves the EU, you’ll be asked to begin the utility procedure again. It is an person decision as to whether you choose to apply now or await the new device to be installed location.”

Whatever people do now approximately a carte de séjour, they may be strongly recommended to ensure they meet the criteria for legal residency below the modern-day gadget. Find out extra right here.

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