Editor’s Note: Fernando Rodriguez, of Aaron Stewart Home (ASH) and Stewart Rodriguez is the most recent blogger on Furniture, Lighting & Decor. Come together with him as he stocks pleasant practices for interior design companies and home furniture retail, sharing what he is learned along his journey with associate Aaron Stewart.

How It All Began

When we started our indoors design business six years in the past, I had no concept of the various skills and skills it would require of me. Of course, there are the fundamental interior design skills all of us have and accumulate from layout school or from non-public stories. But what about tenacity, resilience, patience, analytical abilties, organizational competencies, control talents, promoting competencies to call a few.

I desire I had a magic wand while we started out to look the street in advance, or  a person to present me recommendation primarily based on their own private enjoy constructing a firm. The indoors designer of 2019 could be very one of a kind from the interior clothier from 1960s or ‘70s. Why? Because our profession keeps evolving, progressing and growing. That is thrilling.  But it is able to additionally be daunting.


So Many Skills, So Little Time

It is impossible to be a grasp at such a lot of skills, some greater complicated than others. In 2019, an entrepreneur calls for a high level of field, vision and self-motivation.  Before Stewart Rodriguez turned into created, I lived in New York City and labored for a totally well-known women’s fashion emblem. One of the most treasured instructions I discovered running for her changed into the importance of making a “satisfactory in elegance” team and surrounding yourself with individuals who understand extra than you do. It is a humbling fact that we are not specialists in each area of our enterprise.

The capability to visualise a area or decide what fixtures pieces pass in a room might come naturally to you. How approximately dealing with the pressure we all sense about having an appropriate Instagram board? I am always intrigued by way of how other designers manipulate their budget, a piece day or the excellent manner to manage a task from the foundation boards to the set up.

How do you gift and sell your offerings all through a presentation to a potential client? We are all not wired to be wonderful audio system, sure you might be one of the lucky ones that may promote your passion for the task however what about the human beings that have a chunk of anxiety imparting in front of huge groups or board contributors? Are you charging sufficient to your offerings? I often wonder how different designers do it?

Sometimes I wish I had a mentor or a colleague that I can attain out to for recommendation or path. When I first spoke to Diane Falvey, Furniture, Lighting & Decor’s  Editor-in-Chief, approximately this weblog, it changed into clear that there may be an abundance of articles on developments, color testimonies and new product designers. But what about an area in which we can all study the intricacies of the many enterprise competencies our jobs require. Our days are lengthy, full of meetings with clients, after which there’s time spent journeying construction web sites and calling providers to get an expected arrival time for a chunk of furnishings. Time is precious, and we don’t have an excessive amount of left on the end of the day.

Breaking Down Silos

Interior designers normally paintings in silos. That way people, teams or firms are running toward the same objective, frequently in near proximity, however no longer sharing records or addressing issues approximately the demanding situations of others the use of your innovative pressure. This takes place in every profession, but in ours it has a tendency to be a massive issue, specifically in smaller markets.

I am always interested to learn how human beings stay on top in their recreation. How do you turn out to be successful at your craft?  How do you stay applicable? How do you maintain learning and getting to know all of the numerous developments we need to prevail?

The objective of this weblog is to proportion excellent practices and day by day behavior that have been helpful to me as a enterprise proprietor.  After all, we all want to be successful and be the quality we can be for our clients and our crew. In this series, we will communicate approximately different topics that are essential to the achievement of your business—from group management to the art of promoting your offerings.

Feel loose to ship guidelines of subjects you would really like to study about in destiny blogs. My motive is to create a safe platform to examine from every different and percentage as a lot as possible, because on the quit of the day we all want mentors, enterprise pals, collaborators and professionals to take you and your interior design business to the subsequent degree.

With a background of labor with global-renowned brands such as Martha Stewart, Tory Burch, SFERRA, Hickey Freeman, and Joseph Abboud, Fernando Rodriguez and Aaron Stewart opened high-give up home retail store, Aaron Stewart Home (ASH) in Puerto Rico in 2013. The logo won more than one recognitions and awards, together with the ARTS Awards for Best International Retailer in each 2016 and 2017.

The logo additionally developed a consulting arm. In 2015, Caribbean Property Group chose ASH to brand and design the high-give up residential improvement Bahia Plaza in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The project concerned the advent of a fitness center, resident’s lounge, foyer and concierge space, pool place, and 9 model units.

Stewart Rodriguez, LLC – an entity associated with ASH – has offices in both Puerto Rico and New York, and has a broad portfolio throughout the home, business and hospitality industries, with tasks of all sizes. Their superb roster of clients includes Dorado Beach, Ritz-Carlton Reserve and El San Juan Hotel.

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