Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated each year in India, as it is said to convey excellent luck and prosperity to individuals who purchase gold on that day. In the beyond a decade, increasingly humans have resorted to gold because it has emerged as confirmed ‘hedge’ in opposition to inflation. However, the current fluctuations in gold prices have left one to wonder, whether it’s miles nonetheless a profitable funding alternative for traders.

Against gold, the subsequent maximum traditional funding street is real estate. And why no longer! Setting up a new home is the dream for many. And with the adjustments within the GST and implications of RERA, owning a residence today does not seem not possible. Therefore, on Akshaya Tritiya 2019, if you searching out investment possibilities besides gold – specially inside the real property phase, permit me to dish out a few points you must simply keep in mind.


Size of investment & Tenure

For a short-time period perspective, gold is more beneficial as you can invest in smaller amounts. Also, now you have a slew of alternatives together with GOLD ETFs and Sovereign Gold Bonds to be had in the marketplace; saving you from the trouble from buying gold in bodily shape.

Investing in actual estate, on the other hand, calls for a notably large amount. Prior to creating your funding, it is critical which you perform properly-entrenched research and get your investment requirements in your stamp duty and down charge so as. Yet, actual property is quite perfect if you seeking to make investments with an extended-term angle. If one needs to elevate cash for a long run i.E. 14 years or more or setting up belongings for the following technology, then purchasing property is greater at ease alternative.


One of the elements to do not forget when making an investment in gold is, how smooth it is to liquidate if the requirement arises.  On the opposite hand, an actual estate can be a real problem in terms of liquidity. Selling a real-estate asset takes up a lot of time as it requires a number of paperwork and maybe a lengthy method.

Therefore, in case liquidity ticks high on your funding take a look at-list, you can consider skipping the actual-property market altogether.


The arbitrary nature of gold fees is that it fickle at best and because it is connected to a couple of macro-financial factors – making gold exceedingly at risk of worldwide charge actions. On the opposite hand, the steadiness quotient does make actual property greater suited, as in the long run the real estate marketplace is less unstable and the marketplace costs of properties are a sure to uptick. This guarantees that there are numerous takers within the actual estate area.

Tax blessings

Real estate comes with established tax advantages, along with the prospect of slow yet exact capital appreciation. Ample financing options and home loan accessibility will increase the investor elegance in this area. Whereas, acquiring bodily gold is immediately subjected to capital gains tax – although you can actually navigate around it through opting to put money into gold in digital shape.

The Final Verdict:

I strongly accept as true with which you must have an investment portfolio with extraordinary classes of belongings to cater to one-of-a-kind desires and timeframes. For instance, in case of an emergency – gold may be best to right away address your funding needs. But from a long-time period perspective, an investment in actual property, not handiest gives tax blessings and an apartment income, however, will prove to be a relaxed option for the future era.

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