2018 changed into a yr of dynamic modifications and diverse businesses have ridden this tide with various tiers of modern questioning and creativity. Companies, specially those operating in the furnishings and home decor phase, have visible the market shift extensively with extra gamers entering the Indian plane and consumptions styles paving way for virtual spending.

Within the fixtures area, Indian households had been present process a change over the past couple of years. People have moved from selecting conventional wood furnishing to selecting eclectic home decor designs retaining in mind the consolation, luxury tendencies, spacing and different wishes of the modern-day-day existence. While the past couple of years have seen a upward thrust in online furniture alternatives, 2018 heralded a wave of customers setting merchandise and design at the vanguard and channels of buy as a secondary step within the shopping for system.


The pace of acceleration inside the furniture market, that’s developing at a CAGR of approximately 35 per cent, will hold to pose new and interesting demanding situations for furniture and domestic decor manufacturers. The most intuitive and empathetic manufacturers, that assimilate deep understanding about their goal consumers and provide a wonderful fee proposition, are those which are maximum in all likelihood to prevail as we open our doors, houses and hearts to the yr 2019. The outlook for 2019 looks promising for furniture and home decor manufacturers, if and handiest if, they maintain a few considerations in mind.

Multifunctionality is the New Consumer Buzzword

According to a UN record, 34per cent of India now is living in city regions. Owing to growing urbanization, 2019 will see an expanded call for for multifunctional merchandise. Furniture and domestic decor may be no specific. Products like storage beds, sofa-cum-beds, collapsible shelves, and garage seaters have already seen amazing call for in 2018 and will stay key growth drivers in 2019.

If it’s Not Personalized, it Won’t Create Ripples:

With the increase within the real estate quarter and increasing disposable incomes, demand for the house decor and furniture industry will see a upward push in 2019 however at the same time, customers will look for custom designed offerings to match their life-style. People have commenced to agree with that their homes and workspaces are a mirrored image of their personalities and are well aware of domestic fashion tendencies globally. 2019 will see more clients have a look at brands to help them create areas that reflect their identities and could gravitate toward those that provide personalised offerings.

‘Tis The Season to be Omnipresent

2019 will see an increased blurring of strains among the net and offline markets. A fashion that has already started out choosing up, consumers will become more focused at the layout, nice and comfort of the product. Especially in a excessive funding sector like furniture, the cohesive experience across offline, e-commerce and social media channels will need to be measured to apprehend customer purchase patterns.

Sustainability Will Now be a Must-Have Rather than a Good-to-Have

The furnishings and domestic decor enterprise will also see quite a few products on the way to follow the trend of sustainability. There is not any sector that could absolutely forget the surroundings anymore and with massive sections of clients making sustainability a key attention whilst buying furnishings, fixtures and domestic decor with natural fabric and materials could be visible trending in 2019.

Customer Data Will Have to be Forward-Looking

Data scientists running with customer manufacturers, specially within the furniture region, will need to appoint deep analytics and intelligent forecasting strategies to yield effective effects to at ease consumer loyalty. 2019 will see new avenues created for organizations to tune client trips through strong records and brands so that it will use it correctly have the capability to capture enormous mindshare amongst target audiences.

With expected marketplace externalities within the coming year, 2019 promises to be a dizzying roller coaster ride. Companies that stay genuine to their emblem ethos and supply strong cost to clients within the face of these changing instances will stand tall and triumph over the year to come.

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