Joseph Nolte has been combating Erie Insurance Group for approximately a year in relation to hail harm on his roof. Now he is being advised the roof desires to get replaced and he desires to pay for it.

He has had the identical roof on his home in Manchester Township, York County for the beyond 19 years.

“If there has been trouble with it, it would have in no way surpassed zoning or inspections via codes officers and that they would not have in no way been capable of promoting me the home in the first area,” said Nolte.


He these days got a letter inside the mail from his home owner’s insurance corporation, Erie Insurance organization.

It reads, “Present roof on living improperly installed and desires completely changed.”

The letter goes on to kingdom that Erie is inquiring for the roof repairs to be carried out through May thirtieth, so Nolte’s insurance can retain.

Nolte has been going to and fro with his insurance organization for about a year.

Last May, he filed a hail harm claim for his roof.

“I had hail damage. I changed into told by two roofing contractors that I have hail damage,” stated Nolte.

In July, an Erie Adjuster determined best smooth metal harm on the roof, no bodily harm to the shingles.

In the file, the adjuster also found a few put on and tear at the roof.

Though Nolte says nothing inside the report said something approximately the roof is improperly installed.

At that factor, he hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit.

Then more than one weeks ago, Erie sent any other individual out to re-check out the roof due to the fact Nolte changed into disputing the declare – announcing he turned into told by other contractors that he wanted a new roof.

After that inspection, he got the letter.

Nolte stated, “You want to position your religion within the organization after 38 years. Then they deny me and now I get a letter like that? Ya, recognize what – they’re just adding more salt to the wound.”

Nolte says he would not have the $12,000 it’d take to replace the roof.

His lawyer says he’s by no means visible a purchaser acquire a letter like this from their owner of a house’s insurance corporation.

“They’ve been ensuring the house because of day one. So you’ll figure it turned into so terrible and hooked up ineffectively, They never might have insured it for 19 years,” stated Scott Cooper, an associate at Schmidt & Kramer.

FOX43 Finds Out reached out to Erie approximately Nolte’s problem.

We desired to understand if the coverage agency inspects a roof when someone insures a new home.

We have been informed – “An agent does visit to usually examine the circumstance of the house prior to finalizing the coverage. The agent does not investigate the roof. ERIE most effective inspects the roof if it’s miles applicable to a claim.”

When we requested approximately Nolte’s case especially, and why the adjuster who went at the roof in July failed to find that difficulty we have been informed Erie cannot discuss a particular declare due to privateness legal guidelines.

Nolte simply wants this whole thing in the back of him.

“I hope that this will be resolved, again, it’s just about doing the proper factor. I wish they awaken and do the proper thing.”

At least another individual in Nolte’s community obtained a comparable letter.

Nolte’s lawyer has now filed 3 court cases towards Erie, all related to coverage terrible faith.

The Pennsylvania coverage branch says it has received 14 court cases about Erie insurance from owners managing hail damage in 2018.

It did now not discover any violations by using the insurance company.

Though the insurance department can’t decide whether or no longer specific claims must be paid or if the declare fee becomes sufficient.

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