According to the show’s most modern teaser (under), season 14 is going to be filled with all kinds of surprising twists and turns. One of these surprises includes a huge decision approximately whether or now not Amy and Matt are going to preserve going for walks Roloff Farms — a assets they have got owned collectively in view that 1990. Naturally, as fanatics of the display, we want to understand if Amy and Matt are honestly promoting the farm/is it already sold?!

Did the Roloffs promote the farm? Of course, viewers of the display will need to wait until season 14 premieres to definitively discover what Amy and Matt decided. But if we needed to take a guess, we might say they failed to. On the only hand, it’s totally valid to suppose that they did, thinking about reviews that surfaced in June of final 12 months claiming that Matt bought off his Portland domestic close to the farm for $515,000. On pinnacle of that, Matt has complained in past episodes of LPBW that the farm was “a burden” and there has been “a part of him [that] wants to sell the farm and liquidate it.”

But perhaps the biggest piece of evidence that Matt didn’t promote turned into while whilst hopped on Facebook Live in July 2018 and stated that he offered a house in Arizona as an “funding belongings” and that he wasn’t permanently shifting down there. He also clarified that “he’s not giving up at the farm,” and that “there is no way he can be away from his grand infants for extra than multiple weeks at a time.” On top of that, Matt has posted several Instagrams wherein he refers to Roloff Farms as “his home” and appears to nevertheless be very energetic on the grounds as of this yr. But again, that become in July … And what about Amy, did she flow off the farm? As for Matt’s ex-wife Amy, she, too, has hinted that she and boyfriend Chris Marek had been thinking about moving away. On top of that, an Instagram submit from May 2018 confirmed her “purging” a number of the things in her pantry, prompting fans to marvel if she became seeking to p.C. Up and get off the farm. Again, we think it’s unlikely that she did. The spoilers discovered in the teaser show that Amy has been given the option of accepting a buy out. She explicitly says that if she takes the buy out, she will be able to maximum likely “never step foot on this piece of assets ever again.” Of route, she might be exaggerating, but Amy’s Instagrams prove that she has been on the farm several times over the last few months. N

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