Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is suffering to sell its flats and villas. However, folks who bought them are actually renting their homes at pretty excessive costs.

The BDA has learnt that folks that bought their villas in Alur have rented them out at Rs 15,000 a month for a two-bed room-hall-kitchen (BHK), and around Rs 20,000 in keeping with month for a three BHK.

BDA officers have decided to verify the allottees and tenants. The authority will list all those who have rented their spaces, irrespective of whether it’s far a flat or a villa.

“Though resale is not allowed, there may be no situation on leases. When BDA is struggling to sell its flats and villas, if someone is renting the allocated area, not anything can be performed. We will note down the details of the villa allottees and make certain that they do now not observe for a domain, villa or a flat again. According to BDA policies, to buy BDA belongings, the applicant must not be proudly owning other BDA houses,” said a senior reputable.


As the villas are positioned in north Bengaluru, alongside the Tumakuru Road, 22 km from Majestic, folks who purchased the villas continue to live in rented resorts within the metropolis centre.

They have rented or leased their properties to households, personal corporations and industries, as organization accommodations and home stays.

In the last five months, the sale of flats through BDA’s across-the-table-counter has not stepped forward. BDA is managing to sell simply one or apartments an afternoon. Since March, they have been receiving simplest inquiries. BDA is yet to sell 2,000 flats.

BDA had created 452 row homes of 1, two and 3 BHK, of which 30 are still to be had on the market. The cost of a three BHK is Rs 50 lakh, BHK duplex Rs forty two lakh and one BHK simplex Rs 30 lakh.

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